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Garden Coaching

Garden coaching is a fun and affordable way for homeowners to add value and enjoyment to their own yards under the supervision of a skilled landscape professional. It is a custom service for people who don't have it in the budget and people who simply love gardening and the joy of plants, but seek knowledge to do it right the first time. gardens and girls provides the professional expertise and personal consultation in the areas of design, installation, and maintenance for people who are willing and want to do the work themselves, but don't know where to begin. gardens and girls takes the intimidation and mystery out of the sometimes overwhelming process by determining reasonable goals that are personalized to each homeowner and their garden space. We familiarize our customers with the plants and existing environmental conditions that make up their landscape, diagnose problems, and create appropriate design solutions. We demonstrate the necessary planting and maintenance skills, and teach the homeowner how to select and use the tools to accomplish the job.

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